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Large Fang Ngontang Helmet Mask from Gabon   650 $






Large NGONTANG helmet mask (all seeing mask) from the Fang people in Gabon, very well used and worn and in great condition - pre 1920 and definitely rare.

Size: 41 cm - 2 kg

Known as Ngontang (or Ngontanga), this mask variety appeared among the Fang people of southern Cameroon and Gabon shortly before 1920. It represents a spirit of the dead visiting as a young white woman from the world beyond. The mask was used to locate sorcerers–those who misuse spiritual powers–but also performs at feasts, funerals, celebrations of birth, and on the occasion of an important communal decision. Fang interpretation of the four faces on this mask varies from four spirits to four stages of life to four relatives.


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