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Chinese Ceramics

Chinese Dehua Porcelain Shakyamuni Buddha Statue from 1850            1.250 $    sold already  



The only Blanc de Chine Figure of our collection is presented to offer now.

A Chinese Dehua White Porcelain Lotus Flower Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, 12 inches tall, dating from 1850. Since 65 years it is in our private collection of Religious Art.

It is in excellent condition, only minimal wears of age. On the back is the sign of the Dehua Craftsman. The statue is rich in details and the all over glaze is amazing.

This Buddha is heavy for a porcelain figure, about 3,5 kg. The size is 12''x7''x6''.

Shipping included 



     Green Shiwan Jar with Phoenix - Ming Dynastie        Already Sold         

650 $   

Here presented is a large covered Jardiniere of a rustic but well known and designed theme of a phoenix, a rooster, two deer and Shou character for longevity. The dark green glaze is well aged and in pristine condition for this Ming Dynasty artifact of interest. This Jardiniere is from Guandong Province and is the highly sought after and collectible Shiwan (Shekwan, Cantonese) and is getting very difficult to find.

Size 7" high x 9" diameter.




Ancient Chinese Song Dynasty Hare's Fur Glaze

                            Tea Bowl, approx. 1000 years old                         

           520 $           


This delightful small pottery bowl was made during the late Song dynasty of China (around 1200 A.D.). Originating from the Jian kilns of Fujian province, it has a base of rough, unglazed clay, and a rare streaked ‘hare’s fur’ glaze, made using iron oxide in the firing process. The rim has a rust red glaze, and would have been made separately from the main body.


Coming from an un-named shipwreck (possibly the Lianjiang wreck), it is in fair condition with degradation to the glaze (particularly on the rim), a large filled in rim chip and very thin associated hairline that spreads around part of the base, and a few smaller rim chiups and nibbles. The glaze is also scratched and scuffed. The attractive streaky oil effect to the glaze is perfectly visible, however.

Size: 4'' in width and 1,75'' in height




Stunning 1000 year old Song Dynasty pear shaped Wine Bottle     750 $      sold


This rare wine bottle has been manufactured 1000 years ago in the prospering Chinese Song Dynasty.

The coloured crackle glaze and the spoils of age fuse to a stunning Chinese Ceramic masterpiece.


Chinese ceramics of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) constitute perhaps the foremost expression of ceramic art, not only in China but in the entire world. During the Song period, a unity of the essential components fundamental to the art: vessel shape, potting techniques, glaze, decoration, firing processes, and aesthetic theory were all combined in a high standard of excellence.

       In general, the shapes of Song Dynasty are simple and sedate by comparison to what preceded them and what was to follow. Likewise, the glazes tend to be monochromatic and subtle, a fluid, integral part of the form of the vessel they cover, with a depth of color and texture that invites the spectator to both touch and contemplate.

       Song aesthetic sophistication was matched by an incredible inventiveness, which led to a variety of classic wares, usually associated with a specific region of China. These included the court-patronized five famous kilns: Ru (汝), Guan (官), Ge (哥), Jun (鈞), Ding (定) wares; as well as the Longquan (龍泉) celadons. There are also the more pedestrian Cizhou ware (磁州窯), Qingbai (青白) ware, and the compelling varieties of Jian wares (建陽窯). Several of these regional ceramic wares were so valued during their day that they were used as tribute and yearly taxes to the imperial court. In terms of technical expertise, inventiveness, and aesthetic perfection of glaze and shape, the Song period stands unrivaled for the quality of its ceramic ware.

Size:  height 19 cm / 7,5'' - diameter 9 cm / 3,5'' -  weight 640g

- The wine bottle will come with box and stand as shown -


1000 year old Chinese wine bottle Song Dynasty     850 $      sold



This is another antique wine bottle of the Song Dynasty from our collection.

This large wine bottle is about 1000 years old and has been made in the Ji Kiln. It has a dark glazed body with an some unglazed dragon / phoenix decoration.

It is in good condition. There are only some little spoils of time and a little scratch ( please watch photos ). No repairs, no significant damages.

The bottle comes with a wood box, in which it has been stored for decades in our collection.

You find similar items of black glazed Song Items in the Shatzman Collection or in the Mowry Book.

Size 18,1 height x 13,1 width

Weight 1,3 kg

Shipping included




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