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Japanese Teabowls

The tea bowl has such a simple form.

Yet, if one lives and delves into this form, you can say that everything starts with the tea bowl and ends with it.

I feel very close to this form, and it eludes me again and again. It is a constant fascination for me.

It is wonderful when you drink from a tea bowl. The spiritual dimension comes by looking at it,  touching it and

by drinking from it.

Kaneshige Michiaki



Without deep knowledge of Japanese culture, the outsider may wonder how much love and attention as much admiration and appreciation bring the Japanese and connoisseurs around the world the essence of the tea bowl against.

What a storm in the tea cup, you might say. But when you consider how small the cup of human enjoyment is, after all, and finally, how fast they overflow with tears, and how easy it is emptied by our insatiable thirst for infinity to the dregs, we should not blame ourselves to pay so much attention to a tea bowl.

Those who can not feel the littleness of the great in themselves, easily overlook the size of the little things in others.


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